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Rubber Bands Non-Latex: H+D LatexFree®

Protection against latex allergy reactions is easy with the new H+D LatexFree® rubber bands non latex. This is good news for those people who are affected by latex allergy reactions.

H+D is a manufacturer of non latex specialty rubber bands. Our rubber bands non latex are made from pure synthetic polyisoprene and are 100 % latex free. Isoprene, normally a product of the natural rubber, is produced synthetically and not made with natural rubber.

H+D LatexFree® rubber bands non latex are phtalat free rubber bands that provide exceptional hold. They are recommended for pharmaceutical and medical facilities as well as for school, workplace and government. Its soft stretch prevents carpal tunnel syndrome. Non-latex rubber bands are manufactured in many bright colors for easy identification, in small and large sizes from 15 mm to 160 mm in diameter and in 1 to 150 mm in cut width.  

Made in a facility where latex products are produced.

Gummiringe - Gummibänder, latexfrei

H+D High Quality Standards

  • Production according to German DIN 7715
  • Safe for use in food or food packaging according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21, Section 177.2600
  • Can be sterilized using irradiation and autoclave
  • Free of lead and phtalat within the legislative restrictions
  • Reach conformity to 1907/2006/EC
  • RoHS conformity to 2011/65/EU

Band Colors Standard

Diameter in millimeter [mm]

  PMS Ø15 Ø25 Ø30 Ø40 Ø50 Ø60 Ø65 Ø80 Ø110 Ø160
  Red 200 U
  Black -
  White -

Minimum Quantity: 10 kg each

Band Colors Fashion

  PMS Ø50mm Ø60mm Ø65mm Ø80mm Ø110mm Ø160mm
  Yellow 106 U      
  Golden Yellow 116 U        
  Blue 300 U
  Green 347 U          
  Cyan 638 U          
  Purple 2745 U          
  Orange 165 U        
  Pink 212 U          
  Light Pink 1895 U      
  Lime green 375 U        
  Navy blue 302 U          

Minimum Quantity: 30 kg each

Band Colors Premium

  PMS Ø50mm Ø60mm Ø65mm Ø80mm Ø110mm Ø160mm
  Gold 871 U          
  Silver 877 U          
  Maroon 202 U          

Minimum Quantity: 30 kg each

Each order is custom. Colors may differ from confirmed PMS. Orders may run and bill +/- 10 % to allow for manufacturing variance.

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