Why are there price differences in rubber bands made of natural rubber?

A rubber tree produces latex.

A rubber tree produces latex.

The rubber tree, originally only native to the regular forests of South America, has found its way to the corresponding climatic zones of Southeast Asia. Due to the specific requirements in terms of precipitation and temperature, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are among the main growing countries today. The processing of raw rubber into rubber bands also takes place in mass production in these countries. Due to a lower wage level and less regulated occupational health and safety laws, ready-cut rubber bands from these countries can be offered very cheaply on the European market. Furthermore, in these countries, the rubber is often "stretched" with cheap fillers for price reasons, which has a significant impact on the durability and elasticity of the rubber ring. This quality can be sufficient for many undemanding applications.

H+D manufactures its rubber bands in Germany. In addition to a guaranteed high quality with consistently exact product specifications, H+D guarantees a very short delivery time, often of just a few days. We are even able to produce batches of a few kilograms of special specifications. On request, finished rubber rings can also be cleaned or siliconized in accordance with FDA regulations. These high quality and hygiene standards as well as short delivey times result in a slightly higher price level than that of pure imported goods.



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