Are rubber bands environmentally friendly?

Natural rubber bands are environmentally friendly.

Natural rubber bands are environmentally friendly.

Rubber bands are made of natural rubber, which is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. The extraction of the latex juice is still done today by scratching the bark in manual work. Natural rubber is therefore a renewable raw material that binds CO2 through the growth of the tree. In addition, natural rubber is both compostable and recyclable, which means that the end of its value chain can be arranged environmentally friendly.

However, the rubber tree plantations, which had to give way to a previously original tree population, have a negative effect on the environmental balance. Furthermore, additional elements such as rubber oil, sulfur and dyes must be added to the latex juice for reasons of durability and elasticity. Finally, making rubber tubing (extrusion) and cutting the tubing into rings requires energy.

By converting its manufacturing to 100% solar power and energy-efficient cutting equipment, H+D has reduced its environmental footprint by 40% and reduced energy consumption by over 60%. Due to the production in Germany, we also keep the transport routes as short as possible.



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